Monday, October 21, 2013

The Friendly Crafters on Facebook Tuesday Blog Event ~ Crafty Storage Under $100 Part 1

Hi Everyone its Tuesday That means its The Tuesday Blog event with the Friendly Crafters on Facebook.

 I wanted to do something a little different for this weeks Blog. I get alot of questions as to how to store my crafts, and alot of feed back as to how expensive storage is and that Crafers would rather use that money on Crafty GOODNESS...

One thing I dislike is the fact you start buying something and then they discontinue it Nothing that annoys me more that having mismatched or half a set.. So as my craft supplies have grown thru RAKs and picking up a few dollar items here and there I had crafts EVERYwhere lol...and my hubby John was home he'd definately say Baby Crafts Everywhere is a NO NO...

As you probably know from my Youtube channel nurselarelle John says the garage is the Man Cave and we've got my old craft room as a Guest Bedroom So I have my set up in the Dinning area... Its just me, My Son Jacob has gotten himself an apartment so Its me me and me till John comes back from Deployment in Afghanistan....

So here is just a run down of what I got

 Pink Fabric Drawers from Target $6.00 each X 8         = $48.00
Old Childrens Bookcase from Post Thrift store              =  $14.00
a Make shift Stickles Storage Rack (maybe shoe rack)  =  $14.00
and for the future 4 magazine storage containers $1.50ea= $ 6.00

                                                                   Grand Total = $78.00 Priceless for the Pink Crafter lol

An Amazing Stickles storage solution for $14.00

Just My Color love the baby pink MY FAVORITE
This was just a used Childs Bookcase for $14.00 and I can stick Magazine holders in between later


I think well worth the investment of neat and organized and tidy...

Remember you can start out with a plan of what your trying to organize then pic  up things here and there is doesnt have to HURT to Pay for Crafty Storage.!

Hopes this helps will a crafty storage solution under $100.00 Come back Next week for Part 2.

Tell me your favorite crafty storage solution below! I love comments so I Hope you leave one Super big Hugs



  1. Great storage ideas. Big Lots has 7 drawer organizers now for $20 which is a GREAT deal. TFS

  2. Great idea i have some of them pink boxes i got them from QD i keep my material in them x

  3. Great idea and thank you for sharing! Always interesting to see other crafters storage.

    Linda xxx

  4. This is fab hun I love it, specially your stickle storage that is awesome and what a bargain,
    Marie xxx

  5. great find and very nice storage unit, hugs

  6. Great storage ideas and I love the stickles storage idea. Now on the hunt for something that I can use. Hugs, Donalda

  7. I will have to email you some of my photos, am lucky enough to be testing out some new mdf storage kits (made in the UK) for Promarkers/Copics, Distress Inks, dirondack Inks, Distress Stains and Stickles. They come plain and you just decorate them to suit your craft room ... having great fun with them so far xx

  8. Excellent idea love the stickle storage! One of my favorite crafty solutions are my Vintage Locker bins I have above my work space lined on 2 shelves I have a total of 13 bins. TFS
    HUGS, Alice