Friday, October 11, 2013

TGF FFF For the Boys Challenge

Hi Everyone, Youd think with Me having 5 Boys and a husband Id be able to just whip out some boy cards, in actuality I struggle with Masculine cards.. ALOT lol.. I usually just pink frills and pearls... so boy cards and tags I struggle with .. Every now and then I get a bright light and an Amazing Ideas pops out.. and every now and then the idea is so so lol...

So I made this Boy Tag using a RETIRED stamp Soldier Ian, just to say thank you to My Boy Ronald who is deployed and serving in Afghanistan as well as my husband John. I also thru in a few pics of My 5 Boys who have grown up to be A wonderful Father and Airman ,the other A Welder and student, Soldiers / FireFighter ,Combat Medic and another Air Traffic Control, and my youngest son a Student and Adventure World Traveler.....and of course the best sons any MOM could hope for. Raymond, Kenny Jr, Jacob, Ronald and Zjon are just wonderful sons/boys who have grown up to be amazing MEN.

I thought this thank you  was well deserved...

I hope you like the image I fussy cut out and copic colored for my Boys challenge .. I think he is just adorable..



Raymond My oldest son, then Ronald the 4th & Jacob the 3rd oldest son.
they clean up nicely lol

Zjon Rob, the student & Adventure World Traveler 

My Oldest Raymond & Maleah my Grandaughter baking bday cupcakes for his wife Krystal.

My Son Ronald the air traffic controller in Afghanistan

Kenny Jr he is a EMT/Firefighter Combat Medic

Hope you like my Tag for the Boys Challenge...

Tag Ill be sending in the care package for my Son Ronald 

My Husband John Who I love deeply

Yep All My boys lol hope you liked the share! Hugs 


  1. love it, I have 3 boys also, never blessed with a daughter, but I have 3 wonderful daughter in laws. Beautiful tag. Thank you to your family for all their support to our country. Hugs

  2. You and hubby John look so young, it is hard to believe your family is so large. And, we can't forget your wonderful daughter. I will be getting ready to send the November card to your deployed family. Hope they got their Oct. cards!! We will be getting together for the fall birthday's, there are 8 including my Mom, this Sunday. There is nothing more fun than a big family get together!! Can't wait for all your family to get home safe and sound. huggles

  3. Student?? Your son is a thief and an escort. Robbing people from around the world. Shame to you.