Friday, November 7, 2014

Winter - Holiday card swap

Winter - Holiday Card Swap

Winter - Holiday Card Swap

Ok My crafty Friends. 

First I want to say thank you from the center of my heart of  for signing up for the Winter Holiday Swap
for the card swap you will have to include 3 embellishments on your cards that are at least A2 cards
meaning they have to be bigger than a 3x3 at least 4 X 5 or so. Please have a sentiment example winter wishes, Happy Holiday for the Holiday group  ect... You can include an image if you choose to Please make sure you include an envelope for each card and please sign the card for the people in your group.  You can include goodies it is not a requirement, and also send your postage of 5.90 by check , stamps or paypal my paypal to on paypal. Do no send a prepaid label my post office will not accept it. why i dont know... sorry  my addy and email will be at the bottom of this post incase you have any question

Also please send something youd  a card youd like to recieve.
Post Marked NO LATER than December 1, 2014

and of course have lots of fun.

have 2 groups of 5

the winter Group will be

me - Larelle-Susanne
Grammy Bug
Atlis M
Paper N Stuff
Newcrafter Bev

for the Holiday Group

Me- Larelle-Susanne
Crafty Adriana
Barbara Merry Geng
Jackyn Okeefe
Katya B  -

any question you can email me at
please mail your cards to

Larelle-Susanne  Thoms
148 Bell Richard Ave
Fort Polk , La 71459

thanks everyone

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